Searching the Limrik and the Reporter Archives

To search the archives for either the Antrim Limrik or the Antrim Reporter, please follow these simple directions:

#1 Do not use the search box that appears on the right hand side of each page. This tool is meant for searching the Limrik website, not the archives.
#2 To search the Limrik archives, please use Google, as follows:

Type your desired search term(s) into Google’s search box and then add a space and the following text: “” (omit the quotes when you type this).

To search the Antrim Reporter archive, use “” instead of “”.

A note about searching and reliability…

The indexing of the Reporter archive and the early issues of the Limrik is not perfect and thus some occurrences of your search term may be missed.

The reason for this is that the pdf files which comprise the archives are constructed by scanning the original documents as a “picture”.

When these “pictures” are used to construct a pdf file, the software uses a process called optical character recognition (OCR) to “read” the text and to convert it to a searchable form.

Given the state of OCR software and the quality of the old paper documents, there will be errors in the conversion and therefore misspelled words in the index.

Unfortunately, without a long and very expensive process of hand indexing (i.e. having a human read each issue and prepare an index) we will have to live with this state of affairs.